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Sylvia was nowhere to be found Friday morning at feeding time. After Jake got up and she wasn’t with him, I started to worry. No one had seen her since snack time the previous night (around 10pm). I looked everywhere in the house, but could not find her. I went outside and didn’t see her anywhere either. After supper, Jake put some of her food on the front porch, where we have a Ring camera, in the hopes that we’d at least see her at some point. Jake told Brian that she was missing so he came over to join the search. He looked under the shed and in the neighbor’s back yard and hedges, but she was still nowhere to be found. As he was leaving, I walked out to the front of the house with him and there she was eating her food on the porch! As soon as she saw us, she went behind the shrubs that run along the front of the house. But, I was able to coax her out with some food. And that was that. She was probably pretty hungry as she’d been gone almost 24 hours. Anyway, I’m glad she made it back home safely.