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holiday weekend!

I took Friday off work to further extend the holiday weekend. I was hoping to get some stuff done outside, but it rained all morning. I’m in the middle of painting the shed and really want to be done with it, so that was disappointing. I did get to paint in the late afternoon before it started raining again. I also started to harden off some of the plants that will go in the garden, but I’m waiting until the weather cools off a bit mid-week before transplanting them. Finally, Jake left for vacation with his girlfriend’s family after lunch and won’t be back until next Saturday!

Saturday was just the usual stuff (walking dogs, laundry, housework).

My brother had a cookout on Sunday afternoon so I went over there for a few hours to celebrate the holiday.

This morning, I managed to finish the 2nd coat on the siding portion of the shed, but I still have the trim and windows left to do (and I need to patch a bunch of carpenter bee holes before doing so). I sat outside for a little while this afternoon and finished reading a book. I was in the shade, but it was still really hot! Supper’s currently on the grill and after dinner, it’s more yard work!