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new dentist blues

I suspect this category of posts is going to get lengthy as I get older. I’d been planning on switching dentists for a while as I was still going to my childhood dentist in Portage all these years. My hand was forced this spring when he retired. I heard good things about Chestnut Hills Dental from a few people I know so I decided to give them a try (and it doesn’t hurt that they are minutes away from my house).

I had my first appointment yesterday and it was a bit of an ordeal as compared to going to my old dentist. The old dentist did not have a hygenist, so he did everything. Yesterday, I met with the hygenist first and got a bunch of x-rays and a thorough cleaning before seeing the dentist, who basically popped in for two minutes and said that I have two cavities and need a crown on one tooth. Ugh. I’m not really surprised about either as my previous dentist was pretty conservative with treatment. Well, I’m a little surprised about the cavities because the old dentist never mentioned any issues. But the tooth that needs a crown has been bothering me for a couple of years, so I suppose it will be nice to get that fixed. Not nice for my pocketbook (I do have dental insurance, but it only covers 50% for “major” services), but at least I’ll be able to chew normally again. Why the old dentist didn’t recommend this is a mystery, but I guess it’s not one I need to worry about.