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The last guy stopped texting a couple days after our date, so I guess he wasn’t interested. I didn’t really see that one working out, anyway. But, he seemed nice enough.

Fast forward to last weekend, when I started talking to a new guy. He’s also from the Pittsburgh area, but not the city, which makes things a little easier, I guess (I really do not like driving in Pittsburgh). We seemed to have a lot in common and a lot to talk about. We even had a lengthy phone conversation during the week (and I don’t even like talking on the phone). His son goes to Pitt-Johnstown and he had to drop him off there last night, so we decided to go out for drinks. Because, what else is there to do in Johnstown on a Sunday night? It was tough finding a place that was open. We ended up at Applebees, which was surprisingly busy. I guess because not many other places were open. We were there almost two hours and still had a lot to talk about. And, we have plans to see each other again next weekend.