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mini kitchen remodel

I’m in need of new kitchen countertops, so I decided to do a mini kitchen remodel. It all started in the fall, when I bought new cabinet hardware. I swapped out the old black chrome ones for some really nice brushed nickel Mission-style pulls. Before installing the hardware, I cleaned the cabinets inside and out and attempted to repair the water marks that developed on some of the cabinets. They got a coat of polish as well. I also took this opportunity to rearrange a few cabinets and get rid of things I don’t use.

Last week, I ordered a new range hood. I installed a really nice one in there when the kitchen was originally remodeled, but after years of use, it broke and I bought a new one at Home Depot, which I never really liked. There’s not anything wrong with it per se, but I ordered a new one that’s going to do a better job. I bought a new faucet and garbage disposal, too.

As soon as this week, I plan on going to a kitchen design place to get a quote for new countertops and a sink. I’d like to have the backsplash tiled, too, but I don’t know if I have the budget to do that. I have to take measurements to the store so they can give me a quote, so I guess I’ll know soon enough. If not, no big deal. It’s still going to be nice to get some new countertops. I’m planning on going with quartz this time. Last time, I wanted solid surface, but I didn’t have enough money for that, so I ended up going with a laminated solid surface material (basically 1/8″ thick solid surface material was applied over a wood substrate). It held up pretty well for a long time, but in recent years developed some issues.

Once the countertops are in, I’m going to paint the kitchen and the project will be complete. I hope I don’t have to wait long for the countertops because I’d like to get everything wrapped up before it’s time to garden again. I only do home improvement projects in the off season (unless it’s something that has to be done to the exterior of the house).