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don’t look up

This was a pretty great movie. The critics don’t seem to like it, but it had enough star power for me to give it a shot. I mean with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep (who is making the age of 72 look fantastic), and more, how can you go wrong?

The premise of the movie is that a planet-destroying comet is hurtling towards earth. The scientists who discovered it can’t seem to get anyone interested in this fact. There were a lot of parallels to the current covid situation and previous White House administration, which makes me wonder if covid was the inspiration for the film. But that seems like a pretty tight timeline for getting a movie produced, so maybe not.

Anyway, given how things are going on earth, you can imagine how things end.

Make sure you stick around for the credits as there’s a particularly satisfying scene that isn’t shown until after the credits start rolling.

My rating: 4/5