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the weekend

My mom wanted to try a new restaurant in Hollidaysburg and also visit an alpaca farm, so I took Friday off work and we did that in the afternoon. The food at Mayfield was quite good–I’d go back again sometime. And, Lilly Mountain Alpacas was definitely worth a visit. We got to see all of the alpacas (including a baby) and we checked out their store. They had a lot of knitted things for sale (made with alpaca yarn, of course) and also yarn. I bought some sock yarn for myself. It was a nice afternoon!

On Saturday, I met up with guy #4 (yes, that’s still a thing) after he got home from work. Normally, we don’t get to see each other on Saturdays because he has his kids, but they had something else going on that weekend. We watched some tv (we’re currently watching The Big Bang Theory–which he has seen before and I have not) and ordered a delicious charcuterie platter from Franklin Street Bar & Grill.

On Sunday, we went for a hike on part of the Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail and then had brunch at my house. For supper, we made pizza on the grill and then hung out the rest of the evening. I am out of practice with the grilled pizza, but despite some hiccups, it still turned out well.

It was a good weekend, but I got nothing else done! I guess I’ll have to make up for that this week.