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behind already

It’s not even May but I feel like I’m behind schedule when it comes to the yard/gardening. We’ve had a few nice days, but the weather hasn’t been that great yet, so I haven’t gotten out a lot. Hopefully that will change soon.

Last week, I picked up my plants from the annual Cambria County plant sale. I finally got the remaining vinca minor in the ground last night, but still have some flowers and blueberries to plant. I’m still in the process of removing the ivy around the pond–the vinca minor is replacing some of that. I believe I have one or two patches of ivy left. But, I have to think it’s going to keep coming back for a while–that stuff is impossible to get rid of.

I’m sure it will all get done eventually. Unlike last year, I don’t have a bunch of house projects scheduled for the summer (just a couple minor ones), so I should be able to get a lot more garden therapy in.