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Where have I been these past few weeks? Not doing much, apparently.

Last fall, I saw some ads for MasterClass and was intrigued. Since nothing else is going on, I decided to sign up. I have taken a variety of classes–everything from dog training to cooking to fashion to negotiation tactics. The classes are really well done. I think I could watch just about any of them and get something out of it. They provide a workbook with each class, which is nice because I’m certainly not going to remember everything from watching the videos and they will serve as a good refresher on topics that I’m interested in making more progress in.

The service has a year subscription, so I’m trying to fit stuff in as I can because I know I won’t have as much time in the summer for this and there are a lot more classes I’d like to complete. I don’t imagine that I will renew after the year is up, but since they’re always adding new content, I could see myself signing up again down the road.