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library revival

I have taken it upon myself to finish the long-abandoned library project in the upstairs of my house. I figured it would make a good winter project.

The status it was left in was this: a number of additional bookcases were to be built, along with a window seat, all of the cases needed face frames, and the room needed to be trimmed.

Where’s it at:

I removed the footprint for some of the additional bookcases and installed leftover flooring in its place. This is done.

For the remaining bookcases, I’m doing an extended window seat (the window seat was supposed to be flanked by bookcases, instead it will extend the length of the wall). The window seat is currently framed, but still needs some work. I’m using these excellent instructions as a guide.

I do not have the equipment or knowledge to make face frames, so I purchased and installed maple banding to cover the plywood edges of the bookcases. It actually doesn’t look half bad. I still need to put a finish on it.

One of the big things is going to be the trim. I don’t have all of that figured out yet, but I have a game plan for most of it.

I had to go to Home Depot to get some trim as it was holding up the project. I will need more supplies after this, but I have enough stuff to keep me busy for a while. As it turns out, I can put 8′ long lumber in my car if I put the back seat down. Way to go, Kona!