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new windows

We’ve been wanting to replace the remaining windows at the office for a very long time and it finally happened last week. And it was great timing since no one is working at the office. It would have been difficult to shuffle everyone around.

The basement renovation hasn’t seen any action in quite a while so I would like to hire that out, too. There were some things (framing, electrical) that Brian was working on down there and it would probably make sense for him to wrap those things up since they are almost done, but after that, I’d like to get a quote to have some of the remaining work done. I mean, it’s pretty much walls, floors, and ceiling. At the very least, it would make the most sense to pay someone to do the drywall because that is a job that neither of us wants to do. It would be great if we could have the basement done (or at least usable) by the time we get back to the office (I’m figuring spring 2021 for that).