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isolate and quarantine

A little over a week and a half ago, Jake got sick. It seemed more like the flu or a cold than covid. But, then one of his friends got sick with basically the same thing and got tested and it came back positive. So, Jake was tested as well and you guessed it–covid. I guess the moral of the story is to go get tested if you are sick.

Jake has since recovered and is done with his isolation period. Since I had close contact with him during his illness, I scheduled a covid test. I got my results and it came back negative. I don’t know how I dodged that bullet! Still, following the protocols, I need to quarantine for two weeks from the last day of his isolation period (because, theoretically, I could have contracted it from him on the last day he was contagious, and it could take two weeks to incubate. probably not very likely, but, I’ll take one for the team). And, I haven’t gone anywhere since last weekend, so it’s really going to be more like three weeks for me. Ugh. Not that I mind staying home so much, but I like walking the dogs at the shelter and I had a few trips to some stores and some other things planned. Oh well, I guess it could be much worse.