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I haven’t been to a store other than for necessities (i.e. grocery and hardware stores) since the pandemic started. Jake and I go to T.J. Maxx twice a year–March and September. We hit it in March right before things got interesting. And, we went again today. I heard they were handling things pretty well there, so I wasn’t worried about it. They had a greeter at the door who was counting the number of people going in and out of the store. Everyone was masked (of course you always have a few with the mask below their nose!). Let’s hope the world is in better shape when we go again in March.

We were looking for a few things in particular and found most of those, but we didn’t buy a ton of stuff. On our way there, Jake ordered us lunch from Firehouse Subs and we picked that up on our way home. Things almost felt normal today.