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I am off work today and had to run to a locally owned store for some supplies this morning. I was greeted at the door with a message that said “face masks optional” and wasn’t happy to see that. In Pennsylvania, masks are, in fact, required (granted, there’s currently not a penalty if you are caught without a mask, but do your civic duty and wear the damned mask). I was happy to see all of the shoppers had masks on. However, not a single store employee had one on. I probably should have left, but I got what I needed and went home. I will not be shopping there again, though.

Cases are skyrocketing in the south and west and it’s just a matter of time before PA’s numbers go back up since no one can seem to follow the rules. That’s the thing about this disease–believe in it or not, but it’ll get to you eventually. In fact, PA’s numbers are currently creeping back up after hitting all time lows just a week ago. I know the governor has taken a lot of slack for his actions during this crisis, but PA is the 5th most populous state, yet we are 8th for COVID-19 cases. That’s a win in my book.