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I made my first trip for groceries since March on Thursday night. Ironically, my intent was to stay home until things got under control, but Cambria County has had an increase in cases in the past week and a half. The total counts are still pretty low (but we all know there are probably 10 times as many people that have had it), but it seems odd that we’re moving to the yellow phase when the cases are increasing. I’m assuming the cases are increasing because either they are testing more and/or more people are actually getting it because no one’s following the stay at home orders any longer. On that note, I don’t get everyone crying about their civil liberties. What about mine to stay healthy? People are so selfish. This current group of Americans would not have done well during the Great Depression. Or the Spanish Flu. It’s no wonder we’re the worst-hit country in the world.

Back to the store…I felt like I was grocery shopping in an episode of the Handmaid’s Tale. They were still out of so many things. Luckily, I was able to find some of the things I needed online.

At any rate, the move to yellow isn’t going to change much for me, though it will change a few things. For one, as previously noted, I’m going shopping again. And, if the shelter opens back up to the public, I will volunteer there again (I figure that should be a pretty safe activity). However, nothing will change at work–we are still required to telecommute when possible.