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volunteer update

I’ve been trying to go to the pack walks at the shelter every week. While I haven’t made it every Saturday, I’ve been hitting most of them. They’ve been getting a pretty good turnout lately, which is great for the dogs.

But, in other news, the humane society has updated their operating hours and they are no longer open in the evenings (except on Fridays). I frequently volunteer after work (from 4-6) so this is no longer an option for me. Fridays aren’t a great day for me, but I might have to make it work on the weeks that I can’t go on Sunday.

Of course, I realize that I work for myself so I can technically go any time I want, but that doesn’t get the work done and I certainly don’t want to be working all evening. I’m sure the change is what’s best for the shelter and the hours are in line with other local shelters, but I’m still disappointed that I may have to give up some of my volunteer hours.