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The weekend was a busy one. On Friday, I was supposed to go to Jazz Along the River with my parents. We went down there around 6, but apparently the event had been canceled and we didn’t get the memo. So, we went to The Phoenix Tavern for dinner instead. I have not been there in ages. The place was surprisingly busy.

On Saturday, I did my pack walk thing at the shelter in the morning and Brian officially moved out in the afternoon. We split the bedroom furniture and since the bedroom was half empty, I had the guys move the rest of the furniture out of the room so I could remove the carpet and refinish the wood floors. (Side note: I’ve been wanting to get new carpeting for years, but didn’t have the funds to do so right now, so I figured I’d just redo the floors instead. Now seemed like a good time with the furniture situation.) I spent the evening removing the carpeting, padding, staples, and carpet tack strips. Turns out removing carpeting is super simple, but the tack strips are another story (not particularly difficult, but time-consuming).

There were a number of steps to the refinishing process and I’m happy to say that I was able to complete all of them on Sunday. Granted, I started in the morning and didn’t finish until 10:30pm, but still. It wasn’t like I had to work on it constantly–there were waiting times between each step. In between, I did things like grocery shop and volunteer at the shelter. But, when I got to the shelter I found out that the application I had put in for a kitten was approved, so in the midst of that, Jake stopped up and we picked out a new kitten! His name is Sylvester and he’s a light orange tabby. Sylvia is not pleased about the addition, but Buster’s ok with it. Buster is King of the Cats.

I’m glad the floor project is done, but I have to wait a week before I put any heavy furniture on it, so I’m sleeping on the couch this week, which isn’t terrible, but I’d rather be in a bed. Buster, too. Every night at 10pm, he starts barking (which is his way of letting me know he wants to go to the bedroom). Then, I have to take him in the back and show him that there’s nothing in the room. Sometimes I have to do this multiple times. That dog is really set in his routine.

At some point before the furniture goes back in, I’m going to paint the floor trim to match the walls. Then the room will finally be done. I’m looking forward to getting the house back in order. All of the bedroom furniture is in my office right now, so that room is not usable either. I don’t like to wish away my life, but I’m really looking forward to Sunday.