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ulysses, pa

The three of us vacationed in Potter County again this year. The usual stuff occurred–knitting, reading, laying in the hammock, and no electronics. Jake and I added a new activity this year–working on a puzzle. I didn’t think we’d finish, but we got the job done. It was a 1000 piece puzzle, too. Just for fun, he timed how long it took us and it ended up being 20 man hours. Crazy.

Unlike previous years, we did not leave the property during our stay. There’s not a whole lot to do up there and since we’ve been there multiple times, we’ve seen just about everything.

The place we stayed at was great–Brian and Jake proclaimed it to be their favorite cabin. The best part about it was that there was a pond on the property and Esme learned how to swim! She is adorable.

I was looking back at previous vacations and I think this is the 10th time we’ve stayed at a cabin in the woods. Here’s to another 20!