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Yesterday was my birthday so the three of us went to Balance Restaurant to celebrate. The food was quite good–I’d definitely go there again. I also got the best present–a wooden puzzle from Liberty Puzzles. Specifically, this one. Jake and I started it last night and I’m going to frame it once it’s done. It’s turning out to be more difficult to put together than I would have anticipated. I was afraid the funky shapes would make it easy, but they do not!

I also received some books and a yarn swift, which ironically would have been useful just hours before when I totally tangled a hank of yarn while trying to wind it into a ball. But, that’s ok, I had another hank to do, so I got to try it out on that and it works great!

We also had another birthday celebration at my parents’ house on Memorial Day. It turns out if you add prosecco to your Margarita, it is delicious. You’re welcome.