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goings on

A lot has been happening, not the least of which are my suspect results. They’re trying to tell me I’m 38% French. Can you believe it?!? I also got 36% Italian, 9% Eastern European/Russian, 5% German, and a bunch of other minor random stuff. Jake took his test before I did and got 17% French and we were blaming it on Brian’s family until I got my results. The weird thing is that my Mom came back as 98% Italian and 2% French and my Dad doesn’t have any French, so something is not right. They will occasionally go back and update the results, so I’ll be interested to hear the final verdict on this situation.

Yesterday, my niece graduated from college. To celebrate, my in-laws took everyone to Asiago’s for dinner. I don’t like eating out all that much, but I do like that restaurant.

We had everyone over today for a Mother’s Day/Jake’s birthday celebration. So, I’ve been cooking all weekend. Things turned out nice, but I didn’t have a firm headcount so there was a lot of extra food (because one thing I will never be accused of is not having enough food). But that’s ok because I could use a break from cooking for a few days.