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bye-bye, bike

I tried selling my bike last summer, but didn’t get any takers. Granted, I didn’t put it up for sale until mid-summer, so that was probably the reason. Anyway, I listed it nice and early this year and sold it already!

I initially put it on craigslist and had a few inquiries, but none very serious. I figured it would be worth a shot to try Facebook Marketplace out. For whatever reason, I was only getting out of state inquiries through there, so I didn’t give them much credence, but some guy from Michigan actually came here on Wednesday and bought it! And, he bought it so that his dog can ride with him. How awesome is that?

Even though I haven’t been riding, it was bittersweet. Brian and I had some fun times riding motorcycles and I always loved taking Lizzy out for a ride. And, two seasons ago, we took the sidecar off and Jake learned how to ride on it. It was a nice-looking bike and the sidecar made it even more special. That said, I’ve had it for 9 years (and a different bike for a few years before that), so it wasn’t a temporary phase. Time to move on, though.