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clothes shopping

A few years ago, I tried out Stitch Fix. It was fun getting new clothes in the mail, but the clothes weren’t my style, so I canceled that subscription and tried Trunk Club. The Trunk Club stuff was a lot more to my liking. However, it came at a big price tag, so I decided to end the subscription last year.

But, I still need clothes, so Jake suggested that we go to TJ Maxx, as I had never been there (I’m not much of a brick and mortar shopper). We went there yesterday and I was pretty happy with the place. They had a lot of brand-name stuff and the prices were great. Jake got two pairs of pants and I got a pair of jeans, two button down shirts, a rain jacket, and a baseball hat. A pretty good haul. And, it left me with enough money left over to buy a couple of pairs of shoes and some t-shirts online (I could find neither at TJ Maxx). After shopping, we went to Panera for lunch. What a fun morning!