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the dogs

A couple of weeks ago, Buster had a bunch of bumps removed from various parts of his body. He fared well with the surgery, but then appeared to have a small seizure two days after (which probably wasn’t related to the surgery, but still). Something like this happened to him about a year ago, but I wasn’t really sure what it was at the time and since it didn’t happen again, I didn’t mention anything to the vet. But, when it happened the 2nd time, I mentioned the episode and they confirmed my suspicions. We just need to keep an eye on it for now since the frequency is not great.

I took Buster to get his stitches out on the 1st. Esme was not happy about being left alone at the house so she shredded (and ingested part of) an empty plastic milk container that was sitting out. She threw up a bunch of plastic the next day and stuff is still coming out her other end properly, so she’s probably fine at this point. She actually broke through the kitchen gate while we were gone. That girl does not like to be left alone. She’s fine if we leave her with Buster, but the few times we’ve had to take Buster out and leave her behind, she was not happy.

Edit (11/5/2018): She threw up some more plastic this morning, so we’re not out of the woods yet.