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cooking sundays

What started off a year ago as cooking something special on Sundays, has morphed into an entire day of cooking on most Sundays (time permitting, of course).

I have been working my way through my personal cookbook and have been making things I haven’t made in a long time. In some cases, I rewrite the recipes for how I actually do them. In other cases, I end up removing the recipe from my book. I started off this morning with anĀ Easy Fudge Layer Cake. While delicious, the frosting was very difficult to spread. There are definitely “easier” recipes out there, so I won’t be making this again. But, Jake and I will enjoy eating it while it lasts.

After that, I made some Tex Mex Breakfast Wraps from a food blogger I discovered recently. The wraps served double duty–they were lunch and the remaining wraps were frozen for future breakfasts. I went through the blogger’s site last weekend and there are a lot of delicious-looking recipes that will be making. And, I mean a lot.

And for supper, I have some chicken stock simmering on the stove. The original recipe I had was from Cook’s Illustrated and they are stingy with displaying recipes, but the recipe in the link is very similar. And what to put in the stock? Nothing but my great grandmother’s cheese squares. It’s basically just a cheese and egg mixture in homemade pasta dough. Speaking of which, I better get started on them or we’re never going to eat!