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While we were getting packed for vacation on the 4th, a storm rolled through and knocked out the power for the better part of the day (12:30pm-10pm). Brian had to hook up the generator so we didn’t lose any food in the fridge and freezer. Good thing the power outage didn’t occur while we were away! The power being out kind of put a damper on packing–we kept putting it off because we thought it would come back on at any minute (and things would be easier to see in the light).

Another problem was that I prepared some sourdough pizza crust before the power went out. Without a stove, I didn’t have a way to cook it. A quick Google search told me that my baking steel would work on the grill, so we tried it out and had pretty good results. I feel like it would have been even better with regular pizza dough, but it certainly did the trick. I think that’s something I will be trying again in the future.