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graduation party

As suspected, the graduation party prep had us so busy that we didn’t make it downtown for Thunder. Neither one of us was fired up for it this year, for whatever reason. I’m sure we will get back on track next year. In related news, someone stopped to look at my bike on Saturday. They seemed really interested and were supposed to come back again yesterday evening, but did not. I guess that’s how that goes.

Anyway, Jake’s party was a success–we had a great turnout and everyone seemed to have a good time. We rented a room at the Community Arts Center due to the number of people invited (there was no way we could accommodate that many people at our house). Everything went smoothly and I was pretty happy to have correctly guesstimated the amount of food needed as I had never fed that large of a crowd before. But, I guess this is the end of celebrating Jake for a while. He had the trifecta this year–Eagle Scout, 18th birthday, and graduation.