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We got a puppy! On New Year’s Day, Jake started a discussion about getting a puppy and Brian was strangely responsive. So, I went over to¬†and we all fell in love with a puppy named Esmeralda, who was at the Pet Adoption League in Yukon, PA.

Brian and I went there yesterday and ended up bringing her home. She’s such a sweetie and so well behaved for a puppy.

As for the rest of the pack…Buster was terrified of her at first, but he warmed up a bit after a while. I think those two will get along just fine in a few days. Sylvia was strangely pissed about the whole scenario (I say strangely because she loves everyone and everything), but I’m sure she’ll get things figured out eventually, too. And, Lizzy has no time for this kind of nonsense.