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qotsa again

Ten years ago this month, we took Jake to see his first concert, Queens of the Stone Age. When we heard they were coming to Pittsburgh again in support of their new album (this time to Stage AE), the three of us decided to go. Not surprisingly, it was a great show. Royal Blood was the opener, and they were good, too. We saw them open for the Foo Fighters a couple of years ago. Anyway, we were home by midnight, which is surprising for a Pittsburgh show, but things wrapped up really early. I wasn’t a huge fan of the venue as it was an outdoors show and everyone was packed in like sardines–at least the rain mostly held off.

In anticipation of being tired today, I took the day off. So far, my major accomplishment has been canning another batch of tomato soup (the third one this season!). Not that it’s any small feat–it took about 4 hours to do. Up next: a nap.