animal lover, gardener, knitter, and gourmet cook


Jake applied to two colleges, IUP and UPJ, and was accepted to both! He’s decided to go to UPJ and will be commuting in order to save some money. We’ve been saving for college since he was born and are hoping that we’ll be able to cover all of the tuition costs, but he would have had to get a student loan for the room and board end of things (and wisely decided that his money could be better spent elsewhere). Anyway, he’ll be majoring in business management. It’ll be good to have someone around the office that actually knows something about business. Haha.

In other news, he only needed a few classes in order to graduate from high school, so he’s doing a work study with us for the school year. He’s really good at photography and videography, so we’ve been able to put him on a number of client projects. And this was great timing as we had an employee quit at the beginning of the month (and guess what this employee did? photography and videography).