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We had the sewer lines replaced at our house last week, The good news is that the job is done. The bad news is that we have to pay for it and do a bunch of additional work (like repaint the floor in the music room, replace the floor in the bathroom, reseed the back yard, and clean up the mess).

We started clean-up yesterday and got pretty far with it–the shop and music room are almost back in order. We can’t fix any of the floors until the concrete cures for at least a month, so that is unfortunate. And it has been raining non-stop since they finished so we haven’t been able to tackle the yard yet, but this week’s weather looks better, so it’ll get done soon enough.

There was one thing that made us feel less bad about paying for this job–the main sewer line for the house was actually broken in half. The guys working on the project said they never saw one that looked that bad and still worked. So, I guess we dodged a bullet there.

This project has also inspired us to finish up some things in the basement (mostly trim) that have been put off for too long, so I guess that’s another positive.