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rainy may

I was ahead with the outside stuff last month, but I have since fallen behind. I’ve been trying to get out between the raindrops (not to mention the chilly weather), but the opportunities haven’t been frequent. The weather seems to be more seasonal as of late, so I guess I’ll get caught up eventually.

As for my garden, at least it is in. Strangely enough, the one variety of garlic I planted is already ready to be harvested (this is usually more of an end of June/beginning of July thing). I planted a couple of other varieties, but they are not ready yet, so maybe it’s just a thing with that particular variety. We’ve also been eating strawberries for about a week, and those are a couple of weeks early, too.

Despite some bad weather, Memorial Day weekend was pretty good. I took Friday off work in order to work in the garden. It rained a lot, but I still got a number of things planted and finished the rest over the course of the weekend. Saturday saw a trip to the nursery and the purchase of flowers and some plants for the garden.

On Sunday, we went to my brother’s for a picnic, then it rained like crazy the rest of the day. I got some things done in the house and made some good progress on a knitting gift I started last week. Today was pretty relaxed. I did some things around the house in the morning; Brian and I went for a motorcycle ride in the afternoon, and this evening was spent in the yard and garden.