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christmas 2016

Christmas has come and gone once again. We did Christmas Eve at my in-laws’ and Christmas Day at our house with my family. We had Monday off work, but did not do anything of consequence. Though, we did have a visit from my in-laws that night. Yesterday, Jake had a bunch of doctor-type appointments and we had Judy over for supper. That probably concludes our Christmas visits for the year, but you never know what else might pop up.

We’re both off alternating days this week (to ensure coverage at the office). Today’s my turn to go in. I have a few things that need to be done before the end of the year, so I plan on accomplishing those things today. Despite all of the recent days off, I am looking forward to an event-free New Year’s weekend. I have much to accomplish around the house. I keep thinking I’m going to get stuff done this week, but it’s just not happening.