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Another year, another Thanksgiving. It was looking a bit touchy this year, with Jake’s surgery. But, he felt well enough to travel (mostly, I think he didn’t want to miss out on dinner), so we went to my in-laws’ house for dinner on Thursday. It was a doggy kind of Thanksgiving (my favorite kind). They have two dogs and Brian’s sister has two, so there were plenty of dogs to go around.

Other than that, we haven’t done anything to speak of over the break. I have all of these things that need done, but despite being home, I can’t seem to accomplish anything. I think it’s partly because I’m tired–I didn’t get much sleep earlier in the week. And, I’m still sick–day 26 for those of you who are counting.

One thing I did do was my Christmas shopping. I started it yesterday and wrapped up this morning. It used to be my goal to be done with the shopping before Thanksgiving, but my new thing is to do all of my shopping Thanksgiving weekend. I still look for ideas throughout the year, but I bookmark them instead of making the purchase. We really have no storage in our house, so this works out well.

As for Jake, he’s doing a lot better. He’s already gone to PT twice and did especially great yesterday. He was feeling so good last night that he wanted to go out with his friends, but it’s still a little early for that.