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Brian was easier to convince about the cat thing than I would have originally thought. So, I sent my application in to the Humane Society of Somerset County and we picked up our new cat yesterday afternoon. She is a mostly white calico and her shelter name was Callie. We’re calling her Sylvia. Jake came up with the name because he liked Silvio on the Sopranos.

Sylvia was spayed a few days ago, so we have not introduced her to the general population just yet. We did briefly introduce her to Buster this morning and she promptly swatted him on the nose, so now he’s terrified of her. Lizzy would just chase her so no introduction will be made with her. For now, Sylvia has the back half of the house to herself. Once her stitches heal and she can make a getaway, we’ll open the house back up and let the animals figure it out.

Sylvia is Jake’s cat, so all of her stuff is upstairs in his loft. Though, as it turns out, Brian has quite a sweet spot for her despite not wanting to get another cat. In fact he proclaimed, “This is the one!” when he met her. She was the first cat we looked at so none of the other ones stood a chance.