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Previously, we thought we had a chipmunk problem in the house. I would link to my post on the subject, but it has gone missing. Not sure what happened there. I’ve been having a problem when editing published posts–when I do this, it creates a 2nd post and makes one of them a draft. Then, I have to delete the extra post. I have to assume it’s related to this (and now I’m wondering if I’m missing anything else. Oh, well.).

Anyway, we thought we had a chipmunk problem because something stole the contents of two bags of tortellini from our basement pantry. It seemed like a reasonable idea that chipmunks might have taken them for their winter storage. And, they may have. But, this morning, Brian was restocking toilet paper throughout the house and the toilet paper was all chewed up. This is mouse behavior for sure. So, we either have a different problem or an additional problem.

All I know is that this is the first fall in 20 years that we haven’t had a cat and now we have rodent problems. I was never a cat fan, but I will take one over rodents any day. Now, to convince Brian.