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highly suspect

They are one of my favorite current bands, so we decided to go see them at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh on Thursday. I caught a horrible cold earlier in the week, so things were up in the air till the last minute, but we made it there.

Unfortunately, the band was pretty sloppy (and when I say band, I really mean the lead singer/guitarist), so that was rather disappointing. I’ve never seen a national act that played that sloppily before. They also didn’t play very long–just a little over an hour. ¬†And, now my cold is even worse than before (I blame it on the lack of sleep Thursday night). The place was full of Highly Suspect fans, though. At times, you couldn’t even hear the band because the audience was singing so enthusiastically.
Still, I’m kind of glad we went because I do really like the band’s music and if we would not have gone, I would have felt like I missed out on something.