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Another week, another obligatory post. Nothing much to report here. I’ve been trying to get some stuff done outside before the snow falls. I have most of the garden torn out and will be finishing that up on Friday, which I took off work to plant garlic. There’s still a lot to do out there, but it’s almost impossible to get anything done during the week with the early sunset.

Once the outdoor chores are done, then it will be time to get some things done inside. Brian installed a bunch of trim in our library, so I need to caulk and paint that. What an improvement that made to the room (even in its unpainted state)! He’s also going to be finishing up the bookshelves this winter, so there will be a lot of finishing to do with those.

We’re also going to refinish the office basement. We originally were going to hire someone to do that project, but it’s impossible to find anyone (not to mention, way more expensive), so we decided to do it ourselves. That’s going to be an undertaking.