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hedging bets

October arrived today and we pledged to ourselves that we’d take care of the hedge problem in October, so here we are. We went to Stuver’s this morning to see what they had and they talked us into arborvitae, which is a common hedge plant in these parts. All I knew was that I wanted something evergreen. They didn’t have any actual evergreen trees in stock (and they would have been way more expensive anyway), so we went with the arborvitae. The plants we got are 5-6 feet high, but they aren’t very wide. To fill in the gaps, we also purchased some tall grasses. In the long run, the grasses won’t be necessary, but it’s the short term that I’m concerned with.

Brian’s been digging holes all day and is about to put the 7th (and the last) into the ground. Then, he’ll have 6 grasses to go. Daylight is quickly fading, but the grasses are in much smaller pots, so hopefully he’ll be able to wrap things up tonight.