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busy times

The weekend was kind of busy, with things going on each day. Friday night, Jake played at his school’s Coffee House event, which is like a real coffee house, where performers play music or do poetry. Jake and his friend Kat played a song (Jake was on guitar and Kat, on vocals). They did a great job!

Saturday was the Westmont prom. While Jake is just a sophomore, one of his upperclassmen friends, Megan, invited him to go. We went to her house to get a couple of photos in the afternoon, but that was all of our input that was needed for the event.

Today, we ran to the Pittsburgh area to celebrate my Great Aunt Betty’s 89th birthday. She moved to a home there recently, as that is where her daughter lives. Some other relatives that we never get to see were there, too, so it was good to see them again.