Monday, May 30

memorial weekend

I started Memorial Day weekend by taking Friday off. I ran a bunch of errands and did some gardening-related activities that day. On Saturday, we went to a cookout at my brother's and yesterday, we went to one at my in-law's. We cooked out for supper today, but it was just the three of us. The weather was pretty nice all weekend, except for yesterday, and we got a lot done outside (but never enough). Today, we finally made our first motorcycle run of the year and it was a lot of fun. I'm still getting my sidecar back together after being painted--we're down to the fender and lighting (which happens to be on the fender). I'm shooting to have this done by Thunder at the latest.

Sunday, May 29

kurt cobain: montage of heck

I've been Nirvana'ed out for about 10 years, but Brian wanted to see this movie so we watched it last night. I think we can both agree that it was a bit slow. Overall, it was pretty interesting, but it did not paint a good picture of Love and Cobain.

My rating: 3/5

Tuesday, May 24

that's better

Due to the weather (snow, rain, what-have-you), I haven't been able to do much outside this month. It's just as well, because we've been kind of busy. I did manage to make some headway in the garden last night. But, the rest of the yard is overrun with weeds and could use some attention. So that is what I'll be doing the next couple of nights before it starts raining again. It would also be nice to take a ride on our motorcycles. Just saying.

Sunday, May 22

gun bash

Jacob's boy scout troop hosted a gun bash today as a fundraiser. I went with the dads (Brian helped out with the bash, so he didn't get to have any of the fun). Unfortunately, I did not win anything (at least not while I was there--they were still drawing for the guns when I left). But, it was a good time and looked to be a lucrative fundraiser for the troop.

Monday, May 16


This was a really good movie that centered around the Mexican drug cartels. Plus it had Benicio Del Toro, who is a fine actor. The ending was phenomenal (I do like a good revenge storyline).

My rating: 4/5

Sunday, May 15

busy times

The weekend was kind of busy, with things going on each day. Friday night, Jake played at his school's Coffee House event, which is like a real coffee house, where performers play music or do poetry. Jake and his friend Kat played a song (Jake was on guitar and Kat, on vocals). They did a great job!

Saturday was the Westmont prom. While Jake is just a sophomore, one of his upperclassmen friends, Megan, invited him to go. We went to her house to get a couple of photos in the afternoon, but that was all of our input that was needed for the event.

Today, we ran to the Pittsburgh area to celebrate my Great Aunt Betty's 89th birthday. She moved to a home there recently, as that is where her daughter lives. Some other relatives that we never get to see were there, too, so it was good to see them again.

Friday, May 13


Jacob turned 16 today! I'm taking the afternoon off to take him to the DMV for his driver's permit. He is very excited about the prospect of driving.

It is hard to believe that he's 16 already. Time flies. Happy Birthday, Jake!

water & sewer

Yesterday, our hot water heater stopped working. The pilot light went out and would not stay on when relit. Brian called the plumber to take a look and it was fixed in short order (and the bill wasn't excessive).

We had the sewer work done at the office a few weeks ago and were waiting on someone to come and do the concrete work. That day finally arrived yesterday. I guess that means I have to pay the bill now (as you can imagine, this one is on the excessive end).

Tuesday, May 10

the hunter from the woods

This book was written by Robert McCammon, who is one of my favorite authors. It was pretty good and had an interesting premise: it was about a werewolf who was undercover for the British military. Apparently there's another book about this same character, The Wolf's Hour. Surely I must have read it in the past, but I really can't remember. So, I should probably check it out, too.

My rating: 3.5/5

Monday, May 9


We had our (almost) annual Mother's Day/Jacob's birthday party yesterday. I even tried to schedule it on a different day (Jake's actual birthday), but a school event came up so we had to reschedule and this was the only day that worked for everyone. The usual suspects were present. I made a ton of food and prepped most of it on Saturday, so it was easy sailing yesterday. It's barely even a challenge to cook for a dozen plus people anymore. I think I need to up my game.

Wednesday, May 4


Add another skill to our list. Our house a/c has been broken since the fall. We scheduled an appointment to have it fixed last month, but the guy never showed up.

Annoyed, I did a little research and found that the problem was probably a capacitor that needed to be replaced, which we've had done in the past. Further research showed that this was a pretty easy thing to do. So I bought a capacitor on Amazon and Brian replaced it and the a/c is running again! And, he didn't charge for labor, so we'll call it a win.