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the switch

Jake recently inquired about moving his bedroom upstairs to the room that we call the office. The office is slightly larger than his bedroom and has a better layout, thus prompting the request.

Our upstairs has been in need of new flooring since we moved in. To kick off the project, we ordered some maple laminate flooring for the entire upstairs area. It came in last week and Brian and Jake installed the flooring in the new bedroom yesterday. We got everything moved up there today. We’re still working on putting the office together in the room that was formerly his bedroom.

The goal is to finish the upstairs before the end of the winter. Besides the rest of the flooring, we’re going to paint the bathroom and install new fixtures (it’s just a half bath), install some bifold closet doors to replace the ones we removed 20 years ago (nothing like putting things off), replace some trim, install new railings around the stairs, and the biggest thing is to finish the library. I’m not entirely convinced this last thing will get accomplished by the end of winter, but I’m sure significant progress will occur. It’s going to be so nice up there when we’re done that we’re not going to want to move.