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2015 was an average year. There were good times and bad, but overall it was good.

Let’s start with the negatives…

In an attempt to jump-start our move to the country, we attempted to sell our rental property, but to no avail. I guess this counts as more of a first world problem, but it would have been nice to sell it and get things in gear. On the plus side, it is rented out again, so at least we’re getting some income from it (after being empty for a year). Down the road this is going to go one of two ways–we’re either going to dump the property or buy some more.

On a sad note, we lost two of our pets this year. In October, it was our cat Marley and in November, our dog Alice. They both lived long lives, but it’s always sad to lose a pet.

Now for the positives…

We vacationed in Forest County twice last year (and both times, we took Alice). That was a lot of fun. We did a winter weekend trip and our usual summer trip.

I don’t really have a favorite book, movie or album for 2015. I watched a lot of good movies and read a lot of good books, but nothing stands out as a favorite. I didn’t buy a whole lot of albums, though. But, we did get to see the Foo Fighters in concert and it was a great show (they are my current favorite band). As for television, I canceled cable, but that hasn’t had much of an effect on our viewing habits (with the exception of NFL football). We have a digital antenna, Sling TV, Netflix and Amazon, so there’s plenty to watch. My favorite find of the new year is the show The Americans. It’s about two Soviet spies living in America during the cold war era and it’s totally excellent.

The year had a lot of notable work news. 2015 marked Prime Design Solutions’ 10th year in business, which was pretty exciting. We even had a party to celebrate. Earlier in the year, Brian was nominated for a Governor’s ImPAct Award and the two of us got to go to Harrisburg for the event. And, I started a new company, the details of which will be coming soon. So, 2016 should prove to be interesting.