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low key

It’s been a low key weekend. The guys went camping with Jake’s scout troop so I have the place to myself. But that doesn’t mean I’m slacking. While I’m taking some time to relax, there are still things that need to be done and I accomplished a decent amount of things so far this weekend (six loads of laundry; washed the car; did some Everyone Drinks stuff; general housecleaning).

But, so far, I’ve also watched a couple episodes of OITNB, knitted, read, and napped. Not sure if this qualifies as work or fun, but I canned strawberry preserves and made a dessert. I haven’t really gotten to garden yet this weekend (and by garden, I mean weed), but the garden’s looking pretty good for this early in the season. Interestingly, my tomatoes look better that past years’ plants, but the tomatoes Brian planted in pots look phenomenal. Hopefully this means we’ll have a bunch of tomatoes for canning later in the summer.