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in absentia

I’m going to make up for my lack of posts in the past week by doing two in a row. It was a crazy kind of week at work and the house.

Jake was supposed to leave for Disney with my family on Tuesday, but his flight got canceled (after spending hours at the airport in Latrobe). It was rescheduled for the next evening. And then it got canceled again, but this time it was well in advance. Though they don’t tell you, both cancellations were likely due to bad weather (not around here, but from the airplane’s origin). This time, my brother rescheduled the flight out of Pittsburgh and they were able to leave Wednesday afternoon with no problems. They are coming home today and their flight is currently scheduled to leave on time. Let’s hope it stays that way.

At work, everyone is diligently working to wrap up a big project that we landed last summer. It has a hard deadline of June 30, but we’re hoping to finish everything this week. Not to mention, there are about another two dozen projects in the works, so things have been hectic for sure. I’m just trying to get caught up on my own stuff before we go on vacation. I don’t like having a bunch of work hanging over my head while we’re away. But, there’s still some time before that happens.

We’ve gotten a lot of rain (to say the least) so I haven’t had to spend a bunch of time watering the garden. Nor have I gotten to work out there much due to the weather. But, my garden is doing great so far. I got everything planted early, so it’s further along than it normally would be.