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blue ruin

I read an article on the best movies of 2014 or some such time period and this one looked interesting. It was available on Netflix streaming and I didn’t have anything going on last night, so I decided to watch it.

This was a revenge film, but not in the classic sense (i.e. not in the Liam Neeson ass-kicking sort of way). Basically, this homeless guy finds out that the person who killed his parents (is he homeless due to what happened to his parents? who knows.) is being released from prison and he decides to kill him (or maybe he planned to do this all along). Also, don’t think what I just wrote is a spoiler because this all happens within the first five or ten minutes of the movie. What else is left, you might ask? Well, I guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out. Also, I wanted to note that there is a distinct lack of dialogue in this movie as a lot of scenes only have the main character in them and he doesn’t go around talking to himself (and there’s no voiceover to tell us his thoughts), but it was a pretty engrossing film nonetheless.

My rating: 3.5/5