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twilight gardening

Please note that this post does not have anything to do with teenage vampires. Or werewolves, for that matter. Rather, it is the result of not getting the garlic planted in my garden earlier in the month, when I took a day off work to do just that.

With the nice weather we’ve been having, I knew I’d have to commit to this task early in the week, lest I end up having to do it after the weather turns. So, I committed to planting the garlic today. I intended on leaving work a little early (or at least on time), but that did not happen. Still, I was able to get about half of the garlic planted before supper. I hurried up and ate and went back out, but it was getting dark already (and this fact isn’t going to improve after the weekend). But, I did manage to get all of the garlic planted.

Unfortunately, I have a bunch of other things that need to be done outside and it appears that I’m running out of time, but at least this task is done.