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Yesterday was my brother’s wedding. All three of us were part of the bridal party, so it was an eventful day for the Law household. The rehearsal was on Friday night and the dinner was held at the Crimson Room in Portage. The wedding was held at Ss. Peter & Paul Byzantine Catholic Church¬†and the reception at The Royal Ballroom, both in Portage.

The service was a long one (over an hour and 15 minutes–so my feet were sore before the fun even began). The day followed the normal wedding pattern–after the service there was the requisite picture-taking and then the reception followed by helping my parents with the cleanup afterwards (taking the extra food and hauling the gifts to my parents’ house). There were a bunch of people (relatives, old friends) at the wedding who I haven’t seen in a long time and I was truly happy to see them (high praise from me, that’s for sure). There were also a bunch of people I see on a regular basis and it was just as nice to see them, too.
I do miss my puppies, though. Due to yesterday’s extra-long day, we boarded the dogs all weekend and they won’t be coming home until this afternoon. I took tomorrow off work as a recovery day, so I’m sure we’ll be able to get caught up on lost time.