Saturday, November 30

the iceman

This movie was based on the true story of Richard Kuklinski, a man who claimed to kill over 100 men. The main character was a pretty entertaining mashup of a serial killer/mob hit-man (and, strangely enough, family man). Brian and I both gave it a thumbs up. Plus, it clocked in at under two hours, as all movies should.

My rating: 3.5/5

Friday, November 29

turkey day

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. Members from both of our families were in attendance for a total of 13 people. This may not sound like much, but typically our family gatherings are eight or less in number, so this was a pretty big affair for us.

Ironically, Brian built a new dining room table that seats eight, but since we had so many people over, we had to set up a second table.

I took off Wednesday to cook and clean, but mostly fooled around on the computer, so I was cooking like a madwoman yesterday. I did have some help--the guests brought desserts and side dishes--so it wasn't all on me. Unfortunately, I forgot to put out the cranberry sauce that my mom made (sorry, Mom!) so I guess I'll be eating a lot of that over the next few days.

While hosting a holiday dinner is a lot of work, I do rather enjoy the whole process. Except maybe the cleaning part...

Wednesday, November 27

table games

So, I was supposed to have a new dining room table by Thanksgiving. And, I will--sort of. Brian has been diligently working on my Mission-style table all month. The top is completely done and finished, but the bottom half is still a work in progress. He's planning on having it wrapped up this evening, but I am doing a multi-step finish (which takes a number of days to complete), so it will be unfinished for tomorrow's dinner. But, that's ok as long as we have a table to use. I am looking forward to wrapping this project up, though.

Saturday, November 23

the campaign

This was a pretty funny movie. It starred Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as two opponents in a congressional race. It was full of hilarious profanity and stupid humor--right up my alley. There's not really anything else you need to know.

My rating: 3.5/5

Monday, November 18

the weekend

Besides the usual laundry, cooking and cleaning, I managed to accomplish a lot over the weekend. Since the weather wasn't too bad, I went outside and did all of the stuff that was supposed to be done last month--finished winterizing the pond; did some yard and garden clean-up; and put some things away.

Indoors, I made my Christmas cards and worked on some wine bottle glasses for Everyone Drinks. I also watched a movie, "Sons of Anarchy" and "The Walking Dead". I even read a little bit of "Doctor Sleep".

And, I even snuck in a nap each day. We'll call it a winner.

Saturday, November 16

the lincoln lawyer

This was a interesting legal thriller. I knew nothing about this movie going into it (other than the fact that Matthew McConaughey played the main character, a lawyer) so I won't spoil it for anyone by talking about the plot because how this movie comes together in the end is practically brilliant.

My rating: 4/5

Monday, November 11

first world problems

You know how when your accessory mode of transportation won't fit in your outbuilding? That's the problem we encountered yesterday. Neither one of us gave a thought about the fit until it was time to pull the bike and sidecar into the shed. So, now my poor bike is going to be sitting in the driveway all winter. However, all is not lost. I found these motorcycle shelter things online and ordered one of them. This sidecar just keeps getting more and more expensive as time goes on. Hopefully I'll actually be able to enjoy it next year.

Sunday, November 10

this is the end

This was an amusing film about the end times (aka the rapture/apocalypse) and how it affected a group of celebrities that were at a party at James Franco's house. Given the subject matter, it bordered on the absurd a number of times (though I'm sure this was on purpose). I like my comedies to be rooted in reality a bit more than this one was, but it was entertaining enough.

My rating: 3/5

in wake of water

I forgot I had a blog there for a moment.

Last week, I finished this novella. It was written by a friend's wife (SBR Martin). Not a bad first effort. I was particularly impressed by the fact that there weren't any typos in the book. How does a self-published effort accomplish that feat while major publishers can't get that right (I'm talking to you, Charlaine Harris)?

My rating: 3/5

Sunday, November 3


Our first set of renters at our rental house moved out this weekend. They were there almost 2.5 years, which was great for us. We need to do a couple of maintenance items at the house and then we'll put it back on the market (probably by the end of the week). I'm not looking forward to finding new renters. The ones we had were pretty good and I know that's not always how these things go.