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because i can

The garden is underway and I’m ready to start canning. Not that there’s anything to can just yet. I cleaned out the pantry this afternoon and got rid of some stuff that did not get eaten from two years ago. That was the first year I canned and I made some weird stuff–just how many jars of sweet and spicy butternut squash can one eat? Sadly, not many. I think just about everything I made last year will get eaten except maybe for the abundance of hot peppers that I canned. In my defense, I didn’t have anything else to do with them.

We’re in the CSA again this year. Between that and my garden, there is no shortage of vegetables around here in the summer. My goal every year is to eat or preserve (or even give away) all of the veggies. I am not always successful. Case in point: the CSA started last week and I have a vegetable drawer full of leeks, bok choy and kale. *sigh* I have plans for the kale. I could probably figure out something with the bok choy. But, leeks, too? I don’t know that I’m up for the challenge.