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first day

I took my first vacation day of the year yesterday, primarily because I had to pick up my plants (25 strawberry plants and 2 oak trees) from the county’s annual plant sale. But I spent the day running around, so I guess it was good that I took the time off.

In the morning, I ran to Ebensburg to pick up the plants. On my way home, I stopped at Fine Wines & Winemaking of Windber to pick up a wine kit. Brian needed me to stop at the office for something, so I picked up some lunch for myself at Village Street Cafe before dropping in. Then I went home to wait for Jake to get home from school.

After Jake got home, I ran over to Westwood Garden Haven to buy some potatoes, which need to be planted tomorrow. I noticed that Fritz’s Farmers Market was open when I was on my way to Windber, but I didn’t have any extra cash on me, so I went there after getting the potatoes. And, I hit Ray’s Nurseries for a scoop of dirt for my new strawberry beds on my way home.

Right before making supper, I had to drop Jake off at his guitar lesson and then after supper, we went to the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center to see our niece win first place for three dimensional art (Yay, Erika!) in the student art exhibit.

Unfortunately, with all of that running around, I didn’t accomplish much else, but I guess there will be other days off for that.